Welcome to the XVIII International Seminars on the Overarching Issues of the European Area!
The eighteenth edition of this event proves the important role science and academia play in questioning, debating and striving to provide answers to the various challenges that we face as a society. In the current context, bearing in mind the profound changes over the last few decades, there is a pressing need to give continuity to the dynamics established in previous editions. The main goal is to broaden the discussion on multiple issues with the participation and contributions of renowned specialists from various continents, as well as academics and representatives from prominent institutions and society itself. They are irreplaceable agents to alleviate and resolve the problems addressed, regardless of whether they are social, cultural, economic, or environmental.
As President, and on behalf of the Organising Committee of the XVIII International Seminars on the Overarching Issues of the European Area, we invite you to visit the city of Porto and share your knowledge and experience with the entire community. With your contributions and the combined efforts of the participants, strategies and solutions can be developed and deepened to overcome the many problems facing the world today.
We look forward to your presence and collaboration. We hope you will have an enriching and unforgettable professional and scientific experience.
It will be a great pleasure to welcome you to our historical city, to listen to the relevant contributions across multiple thematic sessions and debates, or through the presentation of posters.

Welcome to the University of Porto and to Portugal!
Maria Helena Pina
President of the Organising Committee